Get it Right from the outset – New Build Project Management

Our client is a well known hotel developer who recognises the importance of getting the basics right in the beginning.  This is our second project with this client after successful delivering our first assignment on time and just under budget.

Our consultancy firm was tasked with writing a design brief and scope of works that ensure every little detail is well represented and accounted for.

Our scope include

  • Participate in the selection and appointment of main Architects
  • Work with client and Architect in the tendering process
  • Work closely with Architects to ensure design brief is properly represented in drawings and implemented on plans
  • Ensure room lay-outs are designed with guest comfort and convenience in mind
  • Deliver efficient and productive use of floor area
  • Ensure room breakdown and category mix is inline with demand for location
  • Supervise selection of amenities for quality assurance, durability and low maintenance
  • Design and project managed the IT infrastructure and Network of the hotel
  • Provide FF&E solutions
  • Supervise building works and chair project and site meetings on behalf of client
  • Liaise with bank on draw-down and progress reporting
  • Work closely with QS and M&E consultants to ensure appropriate and prudent plant selection
  • Advice client on branding, positioning, PR and Sales and Marketing strategy
  • Guide client on the selection of finishes ensuring low long term operating costs and running expenditure efficiency and savings