Nassar Khalil & Associates

Success Stories

Below are some of our Case Studies showing what we have done for some of our clients.

Success Story 1

Well-Known High-End Flagship Boutique Hotel in the City of London

We were asked to chart out the brand for this new £85M project. Not only were we able to advice on brand standards and the guest experience journey from view to book, we define the online presence by understanding the guest profile of the owner’s expectation through a detail scoping exercise and in so doing understanding the market segments the hotel was aiming to appeal to and gearing the output to balance expectations with output and tangible results.

We also ensured that the online reputation of the hotel stands out from its competition by enabling the brand to relate to its guests’ desires. This was £2M brand to market assignment which now delivers 35% share of direct bookings through reputational credibility and management. Giving the guests exactly what works for them and our client.

Success Story 2

Handpicked Boutique Hotel Group in Kensington, London.

On this project, we were tasked with creating a multi-location identity with each location themed to a lifestyle-relatable brand. This was a £500K branding project in which we work with the hotel owner and team to develop a presence that fuses wellness with sustainability without compromising brand appeal. This was achieved by delivering a brand and website that portrays a specific ethos and message to its audience.

Success Story 3

Knightsbridge, London

Here we managed the hotel for the Owner. We ensured the operation of the business is aligned with its undertaking to achieve 80% direct business. We were able to achieve this by reformulating the positioning of this Knightsbridge located high-end hotel. We created an end to end guest experience that covers every touch point from the first search online to the check-out process. Today The Beaufort gets 85% of its bookings direct.

Success Story 4

A well known one-off hotel brand in Dubai

We were asked by the owners to advise on the design of this hotel from its inception in conjunction with the Armani Brand. Our brief was very clear, make the brand one that works in a hotel environment and this was a challenge and a half. It was like no other challenge but working with some very intelligent professionals, we were able to deliver the perfect marriage. Deliver an online story that disrupt the statuesque. I believe the result speaks for itself.

Success story 5

A penultimate luxury hotel in Doha, Qatar

We took the keys of this ultra-luxury city centre flagship hotel of Royal Luxury Hotels from the contractor and launched it for the owners, covering all areas of operation, management, and marketing. The destination of the brand was in our hands and we believe we delivered an experience like no other. From brand etiquette to guest satisfaction, from the selection of platforms to universal integration and automation, we delivered an unrivalled unique experience unique in Doha.

Success story 6

Make our hotel the best in London

This was a unique project. The scope was specific, be different, challenge the usual, show all you have and shout about what you do best. We were asked to advise on and deliver management experience unique to this standalone asset and make it best in class through a unique offering. We managed to turn what was a normal building into a hotel every journalist wanted to write about and most guests wish to experience. The results are pretty spectacular.

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