Improving the Bottom-Line

Our client has a well established number of properties across the UK but due to the economic climate of the last few years, the company has seen a rapid erosion of that all important profit margin. A combination of increasing costs, negative online reputation and handing out 20% of revenue to OTAs and affiliates meant the company was hardly making any profit or return for the owners.

Nassar Khalil and Associates were appointed to devise and implement a rapid Business Recovery Plan to turn the business around.

Our tasks include

  • A thorough review of the company’s existing business strategy
  • The appraisal of current management performance
  • Evaluate operational efficiency, standards and protocols
  • Analyse existing policies, training and development standards
  • Review Comp-Set analysis
  • Devise a new and effective sales and marketing strategy which has now increased our client’s intake of direct bookings by 36%
  • Develop a resilient market mix and source of bookings
  • Better management of the portfolio’s online reputation
  • Appraise existing management team on Standards, Performance and Productivity output
  • Introduce a costs efficiency audit and management strategy
  • Deploy an effective e-commerce approach
  • Appraise existing OTA Commission Contracts and Supplier Service Level Agreements
  • Mechanised client feedback opportunities
  • Introduced proper budgets, targets and management reporting
  • Implement Uniform System of Accounts for hotels in-line with industry standard financial reporting requirements.

We are delighted with the progress we have achieved and glad to say our client is now seeing a reasonable return, a measurable increase in profit, a major improvement in service excellence, 92% positive client feedback and an extremely healthy bottom-line.